Content is king! Where will the king go from here?


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The majority of consumers use at least one of three common digital platforms at multiple times each day, a NAA study reports.


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Digita obviously is where the future lies. ABC director Mark Scott announced a program to fund $20 million digital investment to achieve broader audience engagement.

As Cesar discussed in his lecture, “content is King”, content is shared across different platforms and is challenging traditional journalism in the way of delivery and distribution.

Digital content, as opposed to digital platform, assists a publication to succeed. With high technology available consumers can easily access the platform designed for good look and feel without excessive traffic. They are more mature to choose alternative sites when content is not satisfying.

Multi digital platforms require instant and 24-hour news in the form of text, audio, video and interactive formats available to be disseminated. In this fast and consumption-focused age, people prefer short to long, speed to depth, gossip to documentary. The challenge is how to make high quality content to attract readers and keep their loyalty?

Do new platforms require new values? In my view, not really. The skills of accuracy, persistence, scepticism and the ability to structure a story and to tell it compellingly are the same essentials as ever.


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