Digital audience: where is standard and where is quality?


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The “Bikini Girl” fitness guru Kayla Itsines war with “Banana girl” Leanne Ratcliffe is in the news again.

Ratcliffe created a series of videos for the Banana diet which has 580,710 views, more than 2.3 million instagram followers and 1.3 Facebook “Likes”

The digital world leads to a rapid increase in user-generated content and audience becomes so powerful, through online blogs, social media sites via filter, recommend, rate, like, and tweet. A good example of user-generated content is Wikipedia, which shares information or knowledge as a very useful tool for reference or self-education.

However, like the above so-called healthy lifestyle information, it can be dangerous as it could mislead the perception of being healthy and wellness, in particular because it has attracted such a huge number of viewers.

This raises the Issue: where is the standard and quality of the content?

As discussed in tje Cecar lecture, the digital audience’s role in the production of content, its consumption, access to digital achieves, change and dissemination has a big impact on the standard of content. The audience have a variety of choices of how, where and when to get information. They are everywhere, engaging across multiple channels and devices, empowered by being more active .

Youtube is very popular for open educational resources-digital content and to promote music, however, so many negative contents are generated without any meaning. This introduces a significant number of questions.Why can they attract so much attention?  What benefits are given to viewers? Why do they exist? What is the value of the news?.

Why do low quality videos show up high in the search rankings with high ratings?

Should this be a wake up call?

How do we ensure quality assurance while giving freedom to audiences to generate and publish content?

Should some tools be adopted to monitor the content?

Should audiences be educated to be more knowledgeable about their consumer behaviour?

This will take time and it’s a balance of freedom and restriction, personal taste and community interests and amateur and expert content makers.


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