Google Glass – It’s Gone Forever?

Google Glass suffered a huge failure when its explorer version entered market. This wearable augmented-reality accessory brings rich text, navigation direction and a variety of information straight to your eyes via voice command.

It is a bold version of future interactive technology. However it’s not ready for today’s market as it raises concerns about privacy, safety, health and style.


People fear having their photo taken and recorded without their knowledge. This is why it was banned in a few places. However it can be useful for citizen journalists to catch critical moments and report news at any time. Google Glass needs to convince the public that the benefits outweigh the concerns.


Google Glass headgear can find a route and give directions. How safe is Google Glass for driving argued from both sides that Google Glass may or may not affect safe driving when compared with Google map or apps. Despite the technology part, potentially distracting people’s attention can really be a serious issue, which is a big risk to take.


Medical and public health professionals warn that Google Glass radiation could put health at risk. Moreover, eyesight can be damaged as it only uses one eye all the time.


The new product needs to go with style. Google Glass looks weird to wear. The frames and design are clunky and embarrassing for users. No one wants to be spotted being strange and funny.

Not to mention that it is expensive and it is a kind of add-on accessory to our smart phone. How many people would spend this much money on something unnecessary?

Google wants us to see the world through its eyes. The ambition may be for ads to be coming to you everywhere – just another commercial approach.

Google Glass has great potential. Whether they can work out its limitations to provide real value for society will determine whether this experimental product will come back or be gone forever. Another question to be answered is how the technology evolves and how we evolve to accept it?

Here is the joy of Tech:


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